Week in Bloggingportal: Would a fiscal union by another name smell as sweet?


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Fiscal union is the order of the day, and some – including some with the money to boost the markets, though they seem to do that after every Euro announcement (maybe they just like Merkel’s soothing voice?) – think that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s just hope it’s not another train. While there seems to be almost universal agreement that fiscal union is the answer (or part of the answer), this doesn’t hide the fact that there are two visions. Luckily with Bloggingportal you can keep up to date with all the latest gossip, views and ideas on the Eurozone, so when it comes to fiscal union it’s a bit easier to join the dots.*



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Though our common language these days is economics, it’s politics, stupid – if you want to be in the know in the Eurozone crisis, you need to know its politics. Even the existence of technocratic “nobody governments” can’t change how political this crisis is. What does France mean by intergovernmentalism – and what would it mean for the rest of us? How can Britain influence these historic events from the sidelines? Is the Polish government saying what we’re all thinking? And if we do integrate more, are we doing enough to make the EU more democratic – would, say, European primaries be up to the task? Should we Occupy Europe?


It’s not all about the Euro, though. Croatia’s membership of the EU is on the cards despite the obstacles, and what we’re spending money on for the common fisheries policy demands more attention. Hopefully with the European Parliament’s new website it will be easier to keep an eye on where our parliamentarians stand on all of this.


Phew! With so much going on in European politics, sooner or later they’re going to start handing out awards for being able to make sense of any of it!


* We keep tabs on the German Euroblogosphere too, so there’s no excuse!

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