Week in Bloggingportal: The Prime Minister’s Speech

 Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking at the opening of the GAVI Alliance immunisations pledging conference in London, June 13 2011

 David Cameron, making a different speech

CC BY DFID – UK Department for International Development


The big buzz about the Euroblogosphere this week was the long-awaited speech of Prime Minister David Cameron. It was bound to be a car-crash speech with the PM not being able to satisfy anyone – Katainen noted that the EU without Britain would be like “fish without chips” – but the breaks were applied at the last moment. Labour meanwhile set out its own federalist-free vision, though one British MEP chose this moment to extol the virtues of federalism and treaty change. What does this say about the European spirit?


The IMF admitted mistakes on the policy of austerity, which was a blow to the legitimacy of the EU’s economic policy, never mind the questions over democratic legitimacy (and the privileged access of big business). It may or may not comfort you to know that a paper was commissioned on the small question of democracy, however. And what of the European Year of Citizens? Polish MEPs decided to remedy austerity with their own work programmes, and the ECB made its first big decision of the year.


So where does this leave us on debt forgiveness for Greece?


The EU and Mali is naturally an important issue for the Common Foreign Policy, and there are many questions still to answer. On a smaller scale, an EU fellow going to the University of Washington reminds us of personal links formed globally.


Europe 2020 also attracted attention this week. What is the strategy for the next 18 months? How does the maritime policy fit in?


And finally given all the discussion on language and blogs, is a post on blogging and Esperanto. Also, if you want an excuse to blog, and you live on the Baltic sea, they’re looking for bloggers here.

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