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You might say “crisis”, but in Brussels it’s pronounced “default mode”: yet again the Euro has been at the top of the agenda, and it will remain there for the weeks and months ahead. While Slovakia kindly passed the old deal, there have been discussions on a new deal, though the Franco-German axis is annoying even some of the bigger Member States now (not that the internet regulation plans in Italy are anything to crow about). There is the same mix of sceptics and federalists, with a healthy dose of be-careful-what-you-wish-for thrown in too. If we don’t get some sort of phoenix-like plan soon, who knows what might happen?


Sometimes it seems hard to even agree on what the problem is: is Greece really bankrupt? Is it really necessary to block Romanian and Bulgarian entry into the Schengen Zone, or is it just populism? Are the EU websites deficient? What are the problems with the European Parliament? What about those structural funds? At least we have some sort of agreement (again?) on a patient court…


Despite these issues still swirling around the continent, the government will have reason to smile in Warsaw, where the EPP-aligned PO party has scored a historic victory.


Sadly this week Mario Sepi, former president of the EESC, passed away earlier this week. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

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