Week in Bloggingportal: By their growth plans shall ye know them

Green shoots

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Growth – and how to get it – has been the big topic this week. Merkel and Hollande fought over the future of the EU’s Eurozone economy, and this may be seen as the point where Austerity Europe became Growth Europe (at least in rhetoric). Can Hollande walk the walk? Of course, the French election campaign isn’t the only place the austerity argument is being hammered out. In Ireland the Fiscal Stability Treaty is being put to the people, and some argue that a No might not bring the change people think it will bring. It all boils down to what is possible, because politics is the art of the possible.


Budgets have been causing all sorts of problems this week. Not only did the Dutch government fall over its austerity plans, but the Commission’s proposed 6.8% rise in the EU budget to meet commitments has hardly been the most welcomed Commission proposal ever. That’s unlikely to change if private jets are in the mix. Perhaps they should find some way of forcably raising more money?


We’ve read about the not so splendid isolation of the UK, debates over changes to transferable fishing concessions in the CFP (what fun!), and the launch of “DG Connect“.


But that wasn’t all. This week covered big discussions over European Human Rights, and good news over roaming charges in the EU, as well as the welcome death of the controversial ACTA treaty.


Finally, it won’t be the Euroblogosphere without some self-criticism: Polscieu gives us some linguistic food for thought on the road to re:publica 2012.

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