Week in Bloggingportal: A Union of Relationships

 love hate relationship

 A love-hate relationship?

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It has been a week of yet more self-analysis – literally in the case of the UK where an audit of the costs and benefits of its EU relationship has been announced. Nosemonkey has highlighted the difficulties in assessing this relationship, while the quality of the debate in the UK so far has also been examined. Elsewhere, it’s been speculated that William Hague, who introduced the audit, may be pointing the way to a better federalism in Europe. When it comes to the UK’s relationships with other Member States, there might be a certain cool quality to the UK-Greek one, when British premier Cameron announced that the UK was looking at the legality of restricting the entry of Greeks into the UK should things go even more horribly wrong.

Romania has been the focus of comment on the Blogosphere this week over its rule of law. Romanian politics has been described as a broken carousel, and the ability of the EU to deal with the decay of the rule of law in the Member States has been questioned.

Inevitably, economic news and the Eurozone crisis has dominated the Blogosphere chatter. Italy has been downgraded, the Libor scandal has implications in New York, we wonder if the Eurozone has reached the limits of what is politically possible (and we ask what has happened to German moderate opinion), and worry about a new Dolchstosslegende. On top of this, the ability of Portugal to stick to its deficit targets has been questioned, and worries have been raised over the loss of the EU’s credibility, though some stress the importance of solidarity.

From Verfassungsblog we get a very interesting article on the European Parliament and the Fiscal Compact: how does EU democracy fit in? The New Federalist worries about how the European Parliament has been sidelined in the summitry of the last few years.

In the world of CAP, there has been debate over the treatment of sugar producers (have they been discriminated against?). Looking to cultivate growth of the economic kind, Move Magazin features and article on the idea of a European economic policy.

Gerhard Magnott has suggested 10 theories on protests in Russia here.

Finally, to the Internet. The defeat of ACTA has been a victory in the past few weeks, but it looks like there might be need for another call to arms over CETA. It also seems that you can’t link to the Olympics, according to Kaffee bei mir. I guess the five on its flag are the only links it needs…

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