Week in Bloggingportal: A Bit more Variety in the Diet

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It’s easy to see running themes in European politics (if the second time it’s comedy, then by the ten surely it’s a puppet show…?), but we’ve had quite a few topics over the past week.


We’ve had news from the frontiers of the EU: how things have (or are changing) with Serbia gaining candidate status, and how things have strangely stayed the same in Russia (though it’s changing under the surface there too). A more limited election last week was that of Van Rompuy. There’s French elections and German solutions and other Eurozone questions on Long Term Refinancing Operations. There’s even British proposals on ECHR reform and debates over hotels and dictators.


We have new proposals on data protection and further negotiations on the EU’s asylum system, while ACTA continues to be an active topic on the blogosphere.


The old chestnuts remain, of course: calls for the reform of Europe’s fisheries continue to grow louder. We have women’s rights and questions of racism. We’ve also seen the return of the referendum – the fiscal stability pact may not be opium for the masses, but for now there’s a positive outlook in the polls in Ireland. There’s also a German constitutional perspective on the pact’s passage through the Bundestag.


The heart of every issue is essentially the same, though – the constant question: what kind of Europe do we want?


Although you might think that all this talk of variety is just another form of “linguistic effluency“.


Then again, there’s even more variety on the blogging round-up front with a new entrant here!


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nearly optimismMay 7th, 2012 at 5:49

Very Interesting Blog! Thank you for Bloggingportal.eu/blog » Blog Archive » Week in Bloggingportal: A Bit more Variety in the Diet

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