The Week in Bloggingportal: Wikileaks is no competition for us!

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What a week, dear readers, what a week! The whole world is tumbling, Europe is shaking. And so are we.

Last Sunday we were still thinking about whether Europe would be able to save the Euro, with a Eurozone eroding from the inside, an Irish state facing the choice between banks or pensions after it had been hit by a heavy firestorm, and a little Dutch guy being our last chance.

Since Wikileaks published everything ever written about everything ever known by anyone, we at don’t know for sure why we are still here.

Until that moment, we were having our own little leaks from behind the closed doors of EU-level negotations. We were looking forward to the Financial Times and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism publishing tons of financial data on EU structural funds and all the related stories on where the money goes, including mafia, tobacco industry and multinational companies (and the social project in you poor neighbourhood and the street across the border that you use every Sunday morning), places not even the EU Commission knows.

Okay, co-editor Jon wasn’t so excited about this, but all the others were, and then Wikileaks came, and it endangered classical journalism as it endangered us here at

How were we supposed to provide you with the best of European gossip, the latest leaked (or scraped) data if all this gossip and data was already out there? If everything was on Wikileaks first, would there still be a need for euroblogging? Should we shut down our portal and hope for the governments of the world to shut down that evil other platform that wants to destroy the world by telling the world how it looks like behind the scenes?

But we were lucky, because the media dealing with Wikileaks documents are national media, and they don’t care for what is happening in the EU.

And since, so far, only documents used by the national media organisations involved in this matter have been published on Wikileaks, nothing substantial on EU matters – except a cable on a talk with van Rompuy on the climate negotiations and Afghanistan that makes our President look rather sane – has been published.

So we are still in the game! We are still the only ones taking note that there is this strange thing called European Union, this thing that does things that nobody understands but that we write about anyway.

We here at are the only ones celebrating that the first delegated regulation was published. We are the only ones discussing the webTVs of EU institutions. We are the only ones organising an EU/UK blogger event in London. We are the only ones taking note that the EU wants to block the internet and that we have two months to prevent this from happening. We are the only ones taking note with excitement that EU Commissioner Georgieva is talking about bloggers united. And yes, we are the only ones who think it is relevant to remark EU officials’ love for outdated English proverbs and Latin phrases.

You don’t get all this down at this Wikileaks thing!

They are no competition for us, and if you want to get the latest gossip and analysis and discussion about everything EU-related, you shouldn’t go anywhere but to, your favourite dealer of EU blogs and blog posts. Did you hear that, Wikileaks?

PS.: But, dear Wikileaks, if you have a cool EU cable nobody else has talked about yet, we’d be glad to blog about it, just to piss of the one lobbyist and the two EU officials dealing with the matter!!



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A word to the ignorant: Karma is the stuff you DON’T want to take in from your actions.

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