The Week in Bloggingportal: Where Are All The Bloggers?

We’ve been having a chat behind the scenes here at Bloggingportal Towers, and we’ve decided to take a more editorial approach with The Week in Bloggingportal. Rather than giving a comprehensive run-down of each and every post selected by our editors in a week, we’re instead going to talk about one or two of the weekly “big themes.”

Eurobloggers Save the Day / CC Flickr

Eurobloggers Save the Day / CC Flickr

The big theme this week is obvious. Julien Frisch, one of our esteemed editors, gave an interview for Cafe Babel that has set the euroblogosphere alight (translation here for those that don’t read French). It’s a great interview, so definitely give it a read. Apart from that, it’s been a quiet week in the EU with not much happe- …. Sorry? What? There was a what? Aaaah. Is that important? Does anyone care? Okay, okay…

So, I’ve just been told there was apparently some important European summit this week that everyone’s been talking about – something about bailing out the Greek government. Charlemagne gives excellent coverage here and here; Gulfstream Blues points out that Merkel had legal as well as political reasons to demand IMF involvement; and Gideon Rachman from the FT suggests that Sarkozy objected to IMF involvement for purely selfish reasons.

RSS Tattoo / CC Flickr

RSS Tattoo / CC Flickr

Okay, so that’s the coverage from the journalists. What about the citizen bloggers? What did the independent euroblogosphere have to say about this important EU summit and the Greek EU/IMF bail-out?

Well, Julien Frisch is tied up in RSS feeds; Kosmipolito is busy taking out the garbage in the shower, and Nosmonkey is trying to convince people not to bury him. Meanwhile, EU for US is upset about Euro ignorance of mammoth caves; The European Citizen is filming poor people; Jon Worth is angry with traffic lights; Matthew Lowry is happy to comprehend incomprehensible things and Cosmetic Uprise is following an election she can’t vote in.

I trawled the bloggingportal feed for the last few days looking for independent blog posts about the EU summit and I literally couldn’t find anything. EU Weekly mentioned it briefly, but he considers it old news. As for me? I was busy writing about wombat porn and how Google is slowly taking over my life. I’m sure there are independent bloggers out there that wrote about this issue, but I couldn’t find them, and I can’t really criticise them if I didn’t write about it myself.

What’s going on? Was the EU summit not important or interesting enough to write about? Was it too well covered in the mainstream media? Perhaps eurobloggers work best when we’re writing about things that haven’t received a lot of coverage. Should we be concerned? One thing is certain – numbers of journalists might be declining in Brussels, but the eurobloggers won’t be replacing them anytime soon.


Eurobloggers are now celebrities! Julien’s post about the best 20 female eurobloggers made it onto TV (well… EuroParlTV – so not “real” TV). Some much deserved attention for those bloggers mentioned, and I hope it gets more people reading the awesome female (and male) eurobloggers out there!

EU Girl Geeks / CC Flickr

EU Girl Geeks / CC Flickr

The Week in Bloggingportal was written by Joe Litobarski this week.


Greg / EU WeeklyMarch 28th, 2010 at 17:44

I just wants to mention that my blog post you’re referring to is more a reflection about the description of the Summit agreement on the Greece Rescue plan. I mentioned a tiny little more of the Summit in my weekly summary.

Thought you’re writing on the point that the Summit in itself was not _the_ news ; and outside the economic issues the rest of the summit was widely under covered.

But if Council Summits become more frequent as Herman proposed, isn’t the Summit going to lose of its importance as it become a regular meeting, which will shift the focus on the decisions…
We’ll see.

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Julien FrischMarch 28th, 2010 at 19:13

Why should we talk about a summit if the traditional media are talking about it? The EU is more than 30 people, mostly male, meeting in one room…

MiaMarch 28th, 2010 at 19:49

Loved the new editorial approach. Made me laugh.

JoeMarch 28th, 2010 at 21:57

@Greg – Absolutely. If I remember correctly, the Greek bail-out wasn’t even officially on the agenda for the summit, yet it became the defining story (for obvious reasons). EU summits are rarely this talked about.

@Julien – That’s true – and that’s the reason I didn’t blog about it (what could I add that the mainstream hadn’t already said?). But 4 of the 11 stories highlighted on Bloggingportal this week were about the EU summit and the Greek bail-out. Yet no independent bloggers talked about it? I admit: I didn’t check the non-English blogs and I imagine that the Greek, German and French blogospheres had many more posts about this.

@Mia – I’m glad you like it, because I was copying you! :-D

NevilleMarch 29th, 2010 at 1:13

I’m not a blogger myself, but I wasn’t surprised this wasn’t covered extensively by eu bloggers, who I think tend to prefer offering thought-out opinions rather than just coverage..something which the big media can still do

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Julien FrischMarch 29th, 2010 at 15:48

Now here is a comment from a citizen blogger: Europeanization.

MartinMarch 30th, 2010 at 1:15

So much for the English blogs. When it comes to other languages the week hasn’t been that lazy in my humble opinion. We had comments about the Western Balkans conference, the EP’s debate on the Citizens initiative and so on .. ;)

Cool bleiben | VerfassungsblogMarch 30th, 2010 at 11:11

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[...] thought it was just me being lazy, but according to The Week in Bloggingportal roundup of Euroblogs, not a single one of the 555+ EU-related blogs that Bloggingportal aggregates [...]

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