The Week in Bloggingportal: We are Masters of the EUniverse!

We’ve been highlighting the hell out of the EU blogosphere in the past week, 66 posts in total. And they all fit into one single weekly summary (well, almost) – because just like He-Man Jens Rohde, WE are Masters of the EUniverse.

We know the truth about credit rating agencies. We point to the lack of clarity in the Spanish government. We notice that Ukraine is falling behind. We see the red LIBOR flag above Brussels.

But not just that!

We are part of the discussions about European security, including the ones that point to the democratic deficit of this dimension and the ones that talk about a cyberdefence report.

We don’t look away when the situation of asylum in the EU is brought up. We engage in tough legal and religious debates. We assume Europe’s new role in Egypt. We don’t mind utopian thought experiments on the Eurozone.

We dare to ask the big questions: Who runs the EU? Is it time for a democratic European state? And how much money did DG Communication spend?

Once we’ve answered these questions, we’ve got all eyes on SpainEye 1Eye 2, Eye 3, Eye 4, Eye 5. And on Romania and Bulgaria: Eye 6, Eye 7, Eye 8, Eye 9, Eye 10. And on Greece: Eye 11, Eye 12. And on London as well: Eye 13, Eye 14, Eye 15, Eye 16, Eye 17, Eye 18, Eye 19, Eye 20.

You don’t believe that that we’ve got all these 20 eyes? Yes we have!

And because we are the 20-eyed Masters of the EUniverse, we are even glad to point to another weekly summary of EU blogging, one that is much less bold than ours. As Masters of the EUniverse, we know we can stand the competition (greetings to the LSE!)!

Closing remarkds: For all those Masters (many in European Studies) in the Eurobubble reading this – enjoy the summer! For all the working populations of Europe (and the many in search for work): Use the time while the Eurobubble is half-empty and try to change it! The Masters of the EUniverse will be watching!

PS: For Thursday, the EU Council invites bloggers into its premises, physically and virtually. Deadline for application is tomorrow, at least if you want to be there physically.

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