The Week in Bloggingportal: The State of the Union (euroblogosphere style)

It’s not every day that one of the presidents of the European Union is trying to imitate the US president, and this year’s State of the European Union (SOTEU) sounded like a certain José Manuel Durão Barroso really wanted to impress the Euroblogosphere.

We here at the Bloggingportal towers tried to heat up the debate ahead of the speech by calling for the 2nd edition of the Barroso Buzzword Bingo, and yes, that’s SOTEU (euro)nerd-style. But this year’s Commissarial Speech seemed to be more than just the backdrop for a fun euronerd-game:

The not-just-senior-EU-official Barroso was – almost – having his greatest moment this year, defying EU member states and proposing what some may call a scary financial transaction tax or an EU banker tax, one that is so controversional some only see it coming in a multispeed Union.

And so the often colourless Barroso came back to life, calling for an economic union to counter the lack of confidence and delivering one of his bolder speeches that received more attention than last year’s 2nd-class State of the European Union. Which doesn’t mean that Barroso would come anywhere close to being a Jacques Delors or that it would have been easy to produce a decent press review of the SOTEU…

You may ask: What to make of this SOTEU, finally? We may answer: Let’s wait, one good speech doesn’t make an economic recovery. And anyway, why ask this question to us here at when you can ask Barroso directly via Youtube?! And if you lack inspiration for a question: Get some on the road from depression!

However, while most of the attention was on the crisis last week – its origins, the “cacophony of voices” proposing a plethora of solutions, the lack of a crisis-solution compass in the European Council, the role of Germany and Merkel in particular, or the need for Treaty changes – and on Barroso’s speech, the euroblogosphere didn’t lose sight of other things going on in the Union:

EU citizens face problems in the internal market of the EU, racism and xenophobia still prevail across the Union, and there’s still a long way to go for the widest possible access to EU documents. EU Commission officials get burned out and depressed or they get insulted in British television shows. And the European Parliament doesn’t really know whether trade is business or charity.

Among all this tohuwabohu, we would have almost ignored that the French foreign minister called for a “European federation” and that even the German debate opens the door for more Europe. Oh, and that last week there was the 2nd day of multilingual blogging.

As you can see, this was a pretty busy week in the political Europe and the euroblogosphere, so now go and read and comment the blog posts linked above and keep the debate going, whether you want more or less Europe, more or less Barroso, more or less Euros – and have a great first October week!

Picture by Thomas Hawk (flickr) | Creative Commons BY-NC-2.0


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