The Week in Bloggingportal: Pimp my EU leadership

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When Gavin Hewitt started the week with a piece on “Unpopularity and EU“, Valéry-Xavier on Taurillon announced two days later “Europe is dead – long live Europe” just to be followed by Jason Mahony discovering “The Rise of the Euro-Middle”, we at knew that it wasn’t enough just to pimp the European Council with a Twitterwall, to get the EU Commission spokespersons onto Twitter or to go on a journey with the Club of Venice.

No, we had to go with Lobbyplanet’s question “So what is your BIG IDEA?”  and turn to the Merchant of Venice and his reflections “On Leadership” to realise that we needed something bigger, something more fundamental, more enthusiastic and more  pro-active.

And there we found it: 27etc is a new collective euroblog that wants to politicise debates on Europe from Paris. When I was in the French capital recently before going to the Personal Democracy Forum in Barcelona (more on the PDF in The Week in Bloggingportal from two weeks ago), I’ve been talking with Samuel, one of the founders of 27etc, about the project (see his interview with eToile on the kick-off) and it looks like this could become something very relevant in the eurosphere.

With this in mind, it was much easier for us editors to dig through the EU foreign policy review this week, including a story about a French foreign policy heavyweight in the EU diplomatic service (aka EEAS), the restructuring of the European Defence Agency (EDA) or the continued story of the murdered Turkish journalist Dink.

And it gave us the strength for the big issues – the economy, stupid!

It all started with Commissioner Barnier presenting his EU single market ideas that couldn’t escape from Charlemagne’s comments and, just to stay in France, with Michaël’s take on the media campaign on EU structural funds in France.

Yet, these were peanuts compared with what was waiting for us at the #euco (hashtag proposed by your humble editor to the Council press team), the European Council meeting in Brussels. It all had started with a dirty deal in Deauville, a deal that has been said to be prepared against Spain and without Spain, a deal that was using debt to grab more power for the EU, a deal that went beyond the usual budget dances of European and national leaders.

In the end, it all went down to a possible “limited Treaty change”, a change however that won’t prevent the need for all 27 countries to ratify it, whatever may come out from the proposal by the European Commission and the subsequent negotiations between the European Council, the Council (of Ministers), and the European Parliament.

And while some said that everyone has won in Brussels this week (not really saying that in fact), it was simply “Game, Set and Match to Angela” for Charlemagne, which may bring us back to the Merchant of Venice‘s thoughts on leadership.

Or maybe we just go with Valéry-Xavier’s “L’Europe est morte – vive l’Europe!” and hope that at the end of the next Week in Bloggingportal this prediction will hold true – or are there any objections?


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