The Week in Bloggingportal: March 15th – March 21st 2010

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of The Week in Bloggingportal, the best way to keep up with what’s going on in the euroblogosphere! This week’s edition was written by Joe Litobarski and Julien Frisch.

* * * POST OF THE WEEK * * *

A post titled “The Lapland Experience” by Honor Mahony was chosen as the Post of the Week because it sketched such a beautiful background story behind what, on paper, looked liked a fairly dry meeting between EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and various European foreign ministers.  It received a lot of positive attention in the Eurotwittersphere – and rightly so.


Georgi Gotev’s video interview with Hido Biš?evi?, the Secretary-General of the Regional Cooperation Council for South Eastern Europe (RCC), was chosen on Monday. Biš?evi? describes the political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina as “extremely worrisome” and says it is turning into a “dormant frozen conflict.” This is an area of Europe everyone should be paying more attention to.

Also on Monday, a post by Charlemagne from the Economist was chosen (again). We shouldn’t even have to highlight posts from this blog anymore – anyone at all interested in European politics should be reading Charlemagne every week. This story was one of the big stories in the euroblogosphere this week – the declining numbers of journalists covering EU politics in Brussels.


The post “Frightening Brussels” by Polish journalist-blogger Konrad Niklewicz was chosen on Tuesday. Konrad writes about how journalists from a competing newspaper were bashing the EU Commission for a piece of legislation regarding competition rules in the automobile industry, despite the fact that this legislation has not even been passed yet. In addition, his colleagues reported content that will not be in the legislation, something Konrad discovered by actually contacting Commission officials and asking them about the story. You can try reading the Google translation if you don’t speak Polish – but it’s a bit of a struggle.


The French post “2020” by L’Europe en Blogs was chosen on Thursday because she nicely connects the Europe 2020 debate with Mathew‘s discussion on the segregation of the different web 2.0 communities as well as La Oreja de Europa’s critique of the EU’s “Who is Who”. Google translate is marginally better at translating French than it is at Polish… but only just.

Julien Frisch’s post about the whole “declining numbers of journalists in Brussels” debate was selected on Thursday (Julien is an editor at Bloggingportal, but editors do not select their own posts). It’s an excellent post that makes it clear just how much faster the euroblogosphere can be than journalists (even on a topic close to their hearts). Charlemagne may have written a considered and intelligent post on the issue, but the bloggers got there first and, as often happens, were not credited with the story.

Dave Keating from Gulf Stream Blues gave his take on the story as well, and his post was also chosen on Thursday. Dave is an American working as a journalist in Brussels, and his knowledge of how the press pack in Washington works sheds much needed light on what’s going wrong in Brussels.


The excellent Jean Quatremer had a post chosen on Saturday titled “Un Conseil des ministres de la Défense va voir le jour.” If you read French, then Jean must stand next to Charlemagne as one of the best journalist blogs about the EU. In this short post, he reports about dramatic changes to the EU’s institutional structures that could soon take place. A vote (by qualified majority) may take place on whether a new Council of Ministers for Defence should be set up. This would be a significant step along the path towards a united European defence policy. Google translation here if you don’t read French.

A post titled “Le premier organigramme du Service d’action extérieur, le voici !” by “L’Europe de la Défense” was also chosen on Saturday. It’s an exclusive scoop about the first organisational chart of the European External Action Service and yet another blog post that was widely retweeted this Friday in the Eurotwittersphere. Google translation is here.

A post from the eurosceptic blog England Expects was also chosen on Saturday. The UK Independence Party held their party conference ahead of the next British general election (predicted to take place on May 6th) – and Gawain gives a good round-up of the media coverage. He also responds to some of the more critical media coverage from papers like The Daily Telegraph.


Thomas Renard on the European Geo-Strategy Blog had his post chosen on Sunday. Thomas writes about a powerless and marginalised Europe, unable to influence events on the world-stage. Instead, things are decided on behalf of the EU by the US and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. A bit of a depressing note to end on, but perhaps next week will start in a more positive way.

So, those are the editors’ highlights for The Week in Bloggingportal. Why don’t you tell us what you think in the comment section below? Which was your favourite post this week? See you next Sunday for the next edition of The Week in Bloggingportal.

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