The Week in Bloggingportal: Everyone in the EU is under attack but no one got killed

Picture by Cédric Puisney (CC BY 2.0, flickr)

EU institutions are under attack, from inside and outside forces. Most prominently, former UK foreign minister Jack Straw (Labour) wants to close down the EU Parliament. Jon Worth (Labour) doesn’t want this. The EP itself again wants to close down one of its seats.

At the same time, the European Council eviscerates itself. The normal Council is unable to take decisions. And the Commission’s role is also in danger, which is why Barroso and Sefcovic have to defend the Community Method wherever they can these days.

But not just EU institutions are in the line of fire. Even the European public is under attack as the Commission, strange bedfellow with ACTA, argues that there are anti-democratic forces behind the ACTA protests. Speaking of forces and ACTA, pro-ACTA lobbies are under attack for their lack of transparency. Speaking about lack of transparency, the EU Parliament has been caught meeting in secret on a future EU-US passenger name record agreement.

And since we already talk about agreements, Greece got a new deal this week in what some called a “Euro in Our Time moment“. There were many, many options on the table, but in the end it became the largest post-war debt restructuring. That is nice indeed, but discussion continue, and it looks like Greece needs, more than debt restructuring, a new beginning. But before that, we will see yet another Eurogroup and European Council meeting next week with yet more decisions on Greece and the EU economy to come.

So everyone is under attack: EU institutions, the European public public, EU member countries, EU lobbies, EU transparency, EU policies. Surprisingly, live goes on and while some seem to be hurt, no one has been killed last week. Not even in other news and comments of the last week:

Europasionaria starts loving Brussels (quite positive!). Mathew advises the EU institutions on social media (quite nice!). OpenCorporates co-develop an EU Business Vocabulary (quite interesting!). DoDo analyses the European Parliament’s role in checking the latest developments in Hungary (quite important!. Broadsheet mocks an online quiz by the Commission’s Employment Directorate General (quite funny!). And Mary Honeyball congratulates the Nucleus of Tory euro-realists (quite friendly!).

In the end, the Week in Bloggingportal was a pretty average week. Life goes on, and EU blogs go along. That’s probably quite fine.

PS: Outside our brave new Euroworld, life is not as fine, especially looking to Syria. Just mentioning…

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