The Week in Bloggingportal: Eurobloggers are a bunch of self-referential, submissive twits

Look at those pseudo-political, pseudo-knowledgeable, and pseudo-critical eurobloggers, who do they think they are?

They are just a bunch of self-referential, submissive twits who think they are better than the rest of the world. Listening to them makes the planet more sad and more insecure. If they would finally shut up, we could eventually hear again the things that really matter.

Take Papers, Please! and their latest blog post about how Passenger Name Record agreements can be bypassed. Who cares about companies that transfer our personal data when all this is about is to make flying more secure for all of us?! Aren’t there more important topics to be covered?

Or read L’Europa @ torvergeta. They claim that the Russian elections are bad news for the EU. But did they raise their voice when EU elections were bad news for Russia? Those EU-centric bloggers seem to think that all this is about is to submit the rest of the world to the interests of 27 tiny states loosely tied in a Union where people don’t even speak the same language.

Euro Trash already has in its name what we should think of its author. And then she – a female blogger! – defends the European Commission’s top-down pro-women policy. So does she think she is the spokeswoman of the EU institutions, retransmitting the official communication line of Reding instead of criticising anything the EU institutions do? That would be more typical for those self-referential, attention-addicted bloggers. Oh, and a woman defending pro-women policy is like Monsanto arguing in favour of genetically modified seeds – pure self-interest and hardly credible!

The Eblana European Democratic Movement is another of those “Yeah I know what’s best for Ireland and for the European Union” bloggers. Why should anyone listen to somebody who came from Greece and now lives in Ireland when he recommends policies that favour the elites in both countries – elites s/he and her/his friends are most likely part of?

Others like the ECHR Blog play spokesperson for NGO coalitions, retransmitting their positions on the reform of the European Court of Human Rights without any critical appraisal. Is that what you would expect of from a good blog? I bet you wouldn’t!

And what about Eurology? He complains that Greece, despite its debts, is investing billions in weapons and military equipment, much more in relative terms than any other EU country. As if we wouldn’t know that! So what?! If that keeps businesses in Germany and France going and the Greek military happy, isn’t that the most positive thing you could imagine?! It seems this blogger lacks a little sense of economic and military perspective here…

Finally, the big predictor Georgi on Reuniting Europe. The European Parliament elections are still more than two years ahead, but this blogger thinks he knows who will win. And what kind of prediction is it to say that Anonymous will win the European elections?! That is common sense – or do you know the name of any Member of the European Parliament? Me neither – they are all anonymous anyway.

Now, what did we learn in this Week in Bloggingportal after all? Governments buy weapons, NGOs want a stronger pro-NGO court, women want more power for themselves, the EU is not a huge fan of Putin, companies transmit personal data without customers knowing about it, Europhile bloggers support massive empowerment of EU politicians, and MEPs are totally unknown. Do we really need bloggers for that? With a little bit of common sense and any cheap tabloid you can get to the same level of knowledge.

What a useless Week in Bloggingportal!

Disclaimer: The opinions and positions taken in this blog post may not represent the views of anyone involved in Because their editors are a bunch of self-referential, submissive euroblogging twits!


MartinMarch 12th, 2012 at 9:55

Told you so :p

JasonMarch 12th, 2012 at 11:04

..Nigel Farrage Blogger..?

jolyonwagg1March 12th, 2012 at 21:05

Wow! Love it, just amazed how it slipped through the moderators pro EU net? Refreshing to read a blogpost not sucking up the the EU vison altar of social utopia and harmony. More straight talking on bloggingportal and less pompous waffle is very refreshing to read. More diversity and criticism is healthy and needed.

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