The Week in Bloggingportal: Damn you, Herman! Thank you, Osama!

Damn you, Herman,

you broke our heart.

That you did not react to us on Facebook has ended the European Dream. The people of Bahrein showed you the way on Facebook, but you did not follow and now the peoples of Europe will unwrap their axes!

You are the reason why we don’t love the EU anymore, and we don’t give a sh*t that the Union now has a seat in the UN General assembly! Maybe you should have read the survival guide for spokespeople before going out there in the jungle. Maybe you should spend your time forcing the EU flag to fly, like you do in Germany, on an obligatory Europe holiday, instead of making us dream about getting social media answers.

You can be so lucky there’s no serious blogging scene in Brussels and that Europeans are not educated enough to get itif not we would have crushed you by now!

The people have spoken!

Thank you, Osama,

for being the person who showed us the real face of EU politicians.

Some Members of the EU Parliament (MEPs) may complain that killing people is against human rights, but they do it in Finnish so nobody understands them. And all the others hide in the secret MEP bar in the EU Parliament.

Thanks to you, Osama, we don’t celebrate open borders, and we don’t stand up when they are closed. Thanks to you, we play Capital v Humans, the EU way, because you have managed to make our politicians play with the fear of the other instead of living European values. So thanks to you, a constitutional crisis in Hungary seems to be minor, and the fact that the Commission can’t even read its own laws is just worth a mild smile from our side.

Thanks to you, the debate over nuclear power has become a debate over nuclear powers, and the debate over the EU budget is as unimportant as the bailout of Portugal, a Greek haircut or an annual report of the European Central Bank. Thanks to you, security is more important than anything else.

Thanks to you, Mr bin Laden, we look up to Obama and forget to look down on Ashton. And thanks to your death, we Europeans are now facing more terror threats in the future because you are a danger dead as you were a danger alive which is why it was so important to hunt you with billions of Euros and dollars that are now missing in our budgets.

Your life and your death thus were not in vain, Osama, because you have shown us that we live in a world in which it is more important to blog about a President of the European Council not answering on Facebook than to spend the same time blogging about how disgusting it is that European leaders including van Rompuy don’t have the guts to voice concerns over killings and bombings and torture.

You have shown us the best in ourselves, Osama, and we thank you for that!

(Pictures: Osama by di008 / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 || Herman van Rompuy by Luc van Braekel / CC BY 2.0)

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