The Week in Bloggingportal: 10 reasons why Brits are killing the “Europe” category

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Brits, they are everywhere. Here and there. Elsewhere. And in the euroblogosphere.

They are in Brussels – with 10 good reasons – and they are in Rotterdam, at least the stuff they sell is always there.

Several of them are in the list of the so-called “Most Influential left-of-centre European blogs“. And if they are not to be found in the ever-growing Brussels bubble, they are at least telling the truth about Herman van Rompuy from the other side of the Channel.

The British system is absolutely dominant in Europe and beyond, there is no doubt about that.

Former MEP and Finnish foreign minister Stubb chooses to speak in front of a British university crowd about EU foreign policy. A Brit is commenting on the EU Commission plan for the reform of the Single Market. And the Brits are more important than the EU on the international stage, forcing van Rompuy and Barroso to hold a special press conference at the G20 summit in South Korea.

Giving this British dominance, it is time to kill the “Europe” category.

No need to read the books every European blogger should know. No need to search for European symbols in Copenhagen. No need to take a look into the nutshells of EU progress. No reason to celebrate the opening of EU borders for some, no reason to deplore the closing of EU borders for others. And why wasting time thinking about the lack of global relevance of the European Union if the Brits are what matters, in Europe and around the world?

The only recent sign of hope : The Chinese prime minister went to France, not to the UK.

Take that, Brits!

PS.: In order to support British dominance over Europe, don’t forget to register for our UK/EU blogging event in London in December!


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