About: Languages

  1. Setup:Bloggingportal uses a unique multi-language approach.To set-up click on ALL the languages that you can read.Click the to see all languages.
  2. More info: What languages are shown: Only those where content is also available (we didn’t want to show 23 buttons when there is often no content behind them). You can always see all languages by clicking on the icon Language selection: you should always select all languages that you can or want to read. The selection takes effect immediately and the site will remember it with a cookie.What are the numbers? When you click a language (or by selecting the # button) you see numbers indicating how many posts are available on the current page in each language.
  3. Feedback wanted We are aware that the interface is complicated. But we wanted to avoid a pure language switcher and provide a multilingual way to read EU blogs. Your suggestions and feedback are very welcome (please use the comment function on this page)