About: Editors

Bloggingportal.eu is edited by a team of volunteer editors, all of them EU bloggers themselves.

We are from different corners of the European Union – including Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Ireland and Hungary – and we are aged between the early twenties and the early sixties. We have different personal and professional backgrounds in EU affairs such as journalism, consultancy, jurisprudence, academia, private sector etc.

And here we are (on Twitter):

Bloggingportal.eu editors

  • add new blogs and posts to the aggregator;
  • tag posts;
  • highlight their favourite posts for the “Editors’ Choice” (i.e. the Bloggingportal.eu frontpage, the Editors’ Choice RSS feed and the Editors’ Choice Twitter feed);
  • write “The Week in Bloggingportal” on our blog;
  • organise events (example);
  • start European blogging campaigns (example),
  • run workshops (example);
  • or speak at public and private events in Brussels and elsewhere about EU social media and the EU blogosphere.

If you are interested to contribute as an editor to Bloggingportal.eu, please send an email, indicating your background and own blog(s) to If you just want to add your EU blog to bloggingportal, please use propose a blog. If you have written or found an EU-related blog post on a blog that isn’t usually focused on EU affairs, you can also add the post to our general feed.