Extraordinary Council meeting on migration: Resources & tweets

Danish minister telling the press that they are not introducing border controls but just more customs controls:

Danish Minister on plans to introduce border controls from Ron Patz on Vimeo.

Documents & resources relevant for the Council meeting:

  • Question asked by commentators on the Comment is Free blog post by Joe (here & here) posed by Ron to the EU Commissioner in the EU Council press conference. Question and answer on video here (minute 4:45 into the video).
  • Video: Pre-lunch press conference with Commissioner Malmström and Minister Pintér of the Hungarian EU Council Presidency
  • Background briefing: Council press service background briefing paper on the Council meeting
  • Letter to Sarkozy: European Council President van Rompuy has written to Sarkozy (French)
  • Letter to Berlusconi: European Council President van Rompuy writing to Berlusconi on the current situation in the Mediterranean (Italian)
  • COM(2011)248 final: EU Commission Communication on migration (4 May 2011)
    FRONTEX news release: Extension of Hermes Operation (on Lampedusa) (24 March)
    FRONTEX news release: Update on Operation Poseidon (26 March 2011)
    COM(2011)118 final: Commission proposal to amend the Schengen Border Code (10 March 2011) [on Pre-Lex]
    EUCO 7/11: European Council declaration on the situation in Northern Africa (11 March 2011)
    EUCO 10/11: European Council conclusions (24/25 March 2011)

    Selection of tweets by @litterbasket & @ronpatz:

    Ron, 10 May, 13h59: I’m invited as a blogger to cover this Thu extraordinary EU Council on migration: http://bit.ly/ihSQH6 Anything I should pay attention to?
    Ron, 10 May, 21h58: @jolyonwagg1 unfortunately,the #EUpilot so far it is for “the inner circle” although that’s far from optimal.We’ll discuss this on Thursday
    Joe, 11 May, 12h04 : Back from a briefing ahead of tomorrow’s #EU Council summit on immigration and border controls. Should be worth following.
    Joe, 11 May, 13h22: Fellow @Bloggingportal editor @RonPatz and I will be at #EU Council on immigration 2morrow. Send us ideas for questions http://bit.ly/kyW8jJ
    Ron, 11 May, 18h58: RT @franciscocho “#EUpilot: Bloggers at the EU Council”. Supongo que para mejorar la imagen de falta de transparencia. #ullastres
    Ron, 11 May, 19h20: With Denmark closing its borders, tomorrow’s #EUpilot coverage on the EU Council on migration will be hot.
    Joe, 12 May, 7h50: At the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels today with @RonPatz for the #EU Justice and Home Affairs Council. Need coffee… #EUPilot
    Ron, 12 May, 7h52: Sitting on the lower floor of the Council. Camera teams just rushed out for the doorsteps of ministers# EUpilot
    Ron, 12 May, 9h36: Austrian minister said she is against permanent border controls but there may be a need for “occasion-related” controls. #EUpilot
    Ron, 12 May, 9h37: She also said that some countries could do more and some could do less on border controls. Italy could do more. #EUpilot
    Joe, 12 May, 9h37: Danish minister quoted Shakespeare at us. Reaction to Denmark strengthening border checks is “Much Ado About Nothing” #EUPilot #EUCouncil
    Joe, 12 May, 9h38: I love it. Denmark announces it will strengthen border checks day before #EUCouncil… then complains when media reacts. #EUPilot
    Joe, 12 May, 9h39: Danish minister also told us that other #EU countries have similar checks, so Denmark is doing nothing new. #EUCouncil #EUPilot
    Joe, 12 May, 9h47: Danish minister quoted Shakespeare at us at #EU Council. Reaction to Denmark strengthening border checks is “Much Ado About Nothing”
    Ron, 12 May, 9h53: Just uploading the video of the Danish minister’ speaking to the press. Upload speed in press area: >0.5MB/s #EUpilot
    Ron, 12 May, 10h09: Ministers meet in a more formal setting right now; a press conference for this part is expected to be held at ~13h00 #EUpilot
    Joe, 12 May, 10h11: Now topping up on caffeine levels with @RonPatz and making use of #EU Council wifi to upload some video of today’s doorsteps. #EUPilot
    Ron, 12 May, 10h22: German minister: We are determined to protect the great achievement of free movement in the EU.Yet,exceptions possible already now #EUpilot
    Ron, 12 May, 10h34: Go to minute 6:58 of the video. Question by journalist whether this is a measure for the extreme right: http://bit.ly/mk5zrv #EUpilot
    Joe, 12 May, 11h47Ministers will be talking about asylum (including reform of Dublin II) at lunch at today’s #EU Council. Debate is “stuck,” however. #EUPilot
    Joe, 12 May, 11h51: .@ronpatz If Denmark wanted to better “sell” increased customs checks it could have been clearer + had better timing /cc @BorissBrussels #EU
    Joe, 12 May, 12h17: Nothing concrete expected from today’s #EU Council on immigration + asylum. Instead, it’s “gauging opinions” ahead of June Council. #EUPilot

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